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What score is needed on the TEAS Test?

Some schools mandate a specific composite score for admission, whereas others necessitate meeting a minimum score in each content area. On the other hand, certain institutions lack defined admission cutoff scores. When determining your TEAS score objective, ensure that you consult the program(s) to which you are applying to ascertain their prerequisites. However, the national mean composite score typically ranges between 65% and 75%.

ATI reports that approximately 40% of students need to retake the TEAS exam. It’s important to note that schools with cutoff score requirements may insist that applicants attain the minimum score within a limited number of test attempts. For instance, a school might demand that applicants reach the minimum score within a maximum of two TEAS test administrations. In such a scenario, if you do not achieve the cutoff score after two attempts but manage to obtain a score above the threshold on your third try, your application would still not align with that school’s admission criteria. This is why we recommend considering our “pay someone to take my TEAS exam” service, which guarantees that you attain the required TEAS test score on your initial attempt.

Can I pay someone to take my TEAS exam for me?

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