Pass Teas exam Guaranteed with 90%+score rate.No upfront fees required. Pay after the results.

Take the Teas test remotely from home or at school and secure a guaranteed 90% overall score. We take the test for you effectively and in a tested environment.

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    How Does Our System work ?

    We Help do all proctored Exams

    For us to get started in handling your exam, you must first ensure that you have the necessary software installed on the device you intend to use for the examination. Our developer will handle the installation part.After successfully installing the program, please notify us of your chosen exam date and time a few days in advance. This advance notice allows us ample time to prepare for the exam and ensure all is set up correctly, a process that typically takes no more than approximately 20 minutes. On the day of the test, we recommend that you log in at least 1 HR before the scheduled start time to establish the connection between our software and your device. Our Developer will assist you with this setup to ensure everything is in order for the exam session. Once the examination begins, your responsibilities will involve completing initial procedures such as identity and facial verifications, configuring your hardware, and attending to any room-related tasks, among other minor requirements. Once these steps are completed, your remote proctor will input the necessary password, and the exam will commence. During the examination, our professional will have real-time access to the questions as they appear on your screen through our software. They will assume control and provide answers as needed. From the perspective of your remote proctor, it will appear as though you are the one actively participating, but in reality, our team will be managing the process. Your primary task will be to remain in front of the screen and simulate your engagement with the exam materials. We take pride in our track record of successfully proctoring over 5000 online exams without encountering any issues. To get started, simply select the online exam option, whether proctored by ATI or your institution, and inform us via Text or whatsAPP the preffered date you would like to start the exam. We will then promptly provide you with the necessary software for the exam. Throughout the process, you can stay in close contact with our expert team. We offer a guaranteed score, and payment is only required after you have reviewed your results. For additional information, please reach out to us via WhatsApp.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does The procedure of Taking My Teas Exam work?

    Our Developer connects to your laptop , During the exam Time we access your laptop and start doing the exam . You will face the camera and see us answer the questions . The process is 100% secure and reliable 

    Can you help me take the teas exam if i schedule to do it at school?

    Yes, we can as long as you are going to do it using your laptop

    3. Is my personal information kept confidential when I ask for Teas online exam help?

    Yes, we keep our client’s Information very confidential .

    4. Is it possible to detect cheating in an online exam?

    Not possible at all! Our systems are well-developed and bypassed! 

    6. Can you guarantee a good grade if i allow you to take my teas Exam?

    Grades should not worry you at all, that is why we allow you to pay us after the results, because we have full confidence on what we are doing 

    Which payment methods do you Accept?

    We accept all the payment Gateways available in the USA. 


    Debit Card

    Cash APP

    Bank Tranfer


    Among others