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Overview of the TEAS exam

The TEAS exam incorporates multiple-choice questions (MCQs) into its evaluation process. By engaging in the examination, you can evaluate your knowledge in specific subjects pertinent to entry-level academic nursing programs. The test consists of over 170 MCQs, with each question offering four answer options. Furthermore, it includes 20 non-scoring questions designed for preliminary analysis.

The TEAS exam divides itself into four sections, each imposing distinct time limits that affect the number of questions answered:

  1. The science section obliges you to respond to a total of 48 questions within a 66-minute time frame.
  2. The Math section encompasses 30 math questions that necessitate resolution within a 51-minute period.
  3. The reading section entails answering 42 questions in a span of 58 minutes.
  4. The English/Language section contains 30 questions that demand completion within 34 minutes.

How hard is it to pass the TEAS exam?

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