How to pass the TEAS exam

Enrolling in an undergraduate nursing program and successfully completing your clinical studies is a notable accomplishment, but it doesn’t mark the conclusion of your journey. There’s one final hurdle standing between you and your nursing career: the TEAS exam. Whether you’re currently preparing for the TEAS exam or you’re considering a career in nursing and seeking comprehensive information about the test’s content, requirements, and, most importantly, “how to pass the TEAS exam”, you’ve landed in the right spot. At PassTEASGuaranteed, we’re here to provide you with all the valuable insights and tips necessary to ensure your success on the exam.

What the TEAS Exam entails

The TEAS Exam, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, assesses your foundational knowledge in reading, science, mathematics, and English/Language usage. To successfully pass this exam, it is advisable to review the material you have covered during your academic journey. The TEAS test employs a multiple-choice question format and follows a curriculum developed by renowned nurse educators. They designed this curriculum after identifying the key areas essential for evaluating the foundational academic knowledge of candidates seeking entry into nursing programs. This test holds significant importance in the admission process of nursing and allied health schools across the United States, which is why many applicants are concerned with how to succeed in the TEAS exam.

The TEAS exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions, each with four answer options. Out of these 170 questions, 20 are non-scored and serve as warm-up questions. Each subject within the exam has a specific time limit, and the number of questions may vary:

  1. English/Language Usage: 30 questions in 34 minutes.
  2. Science: 48 questions in 66 minutes.
  3. Mathematics: 30 questions in 51 minutes.
  4. Reading: 42 questions in 58 minutes.

It’s essential to choose the correct answers within the allotted time for each subject to excel in the TEAS exam.

How to Prepare for the TEAS Test:

The ATI TEAS test plays a vital role in your journey towards entering your desired nursing program and ultimately becoming a registered nurse. It’s crucial to plan in advance and understand how to succeed on the TEAS exam before the actual test day. Here are some general tips to help you get prepared:

  1. Master the Fundamentals:

To excel in any test, it’s essential to start with a solid grasp of the basics. While you may have encountered much of the TEAS test material during your formal education, it’s easy to become engrossed in learning new concepts and overlook the fundamentals. Therefore, make sure to review the foundational study materials for each section, including grammar and punctuation, basic algebraic principles like fractions, and fundamental human anatomy.

  1. Leverage Test Prep Resources:

The most effective way to prepare for the TEAS test is to replicate the types of questions you’ll likely encounter on the actual exam. The sooner you incorporate this into your study routine, the more time you’ll have to identify your weaker areas and address them in advance.

  1. Develop an Organized Study Plan:

Ensure you have a clear understanding of how many weeks you have before the ATI TEAS exam and plan each week in advance to eliminate any last-minute surprises during your preparation. For instance, allocate week 1 to focus on the math section and mathematical principles, and week 2 for the science section, and so on. Tailor this study plan to your specific strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you don’t neglect the subjects you covered at the outset of your study journey.

PassTEASGuaranteed can help you pass the TEAS exam

Not too long ago, prospective nurses did not have an option to take the TEAS test online, but times have significantly changed. Nowadays, you have the flexibility to complete the exam from anywhere in the world, making it much more convenient. In other words, the TEAS test can now be administered online, providing students with the option to “pay someone to take my TEAS exam” if they find themselves unprepared. Whether you’re currently employed as a nurse in a healthcare facility, in the midst of completing another academic program, or facing temporary health issues that have hindered your study efforts, we are here to assist you, regardless of the circumstances. Our dedicated team of experts, known for their remarkable knowledge and skills, will ensure your success in the exam.

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How it works

In order to exercise the option to “hire someone to take my TEAS exam for me” with online proctoring, the initial step is to ensure that you have the required software installed on the device you intend to use for the exam. Once you’ve successfully installed the program, it is important to notify us of the date and time of your exam a few days in advance. This advanced notice allows us adequate time to make necessary preparations and ensure that everything is set up correctly. This setup process typically takes around 10 minutes at most.

On the actual day of the test, we strongly recommend that you log in at least 25 minutes before the exam starts. This early login will enable our software to establish a connection with your device. Our proctoring expert will be available to assist you in this setup, ensuring everything is ready for the exam session. Once the exam commences, your responsibilities primarily involve handling the initial procedures, including identity verification, facial recognition, configuring your hardware, and ensuring your testing environment is appropriate. Once these tasks are completed, your remote proctor will input the exam password, and the test will begin.

Take my proctored TEAS Exam for me

Can you take my proctored TEAS Exam for me? Yes! We can. Your remote proctor will have the capability to view the questions as they appear on your screen in real-time through our software. Our experts will respond to the questions on your behalf, and it will appear as if you are the one answering, even though it’s our team. Your primary role will be to sit in front of the screen and simulate that you are actively engaged in the test, which may involve moving the cursor or mouse as necessary. Initially, you won’t need to move the cursor; we recommend waiting for us to address and answer each question before proceeding to the next page, all the while creating the illusion of active participation.

We will establish a predefined rhythm at which our professional will respond to the questions with each page turn. It’s essential not to move the mouse while we are actively answering questions to ensure a smooth and seamless process. We will answer all the questions within the allocated time frame, and upon completion, we will submit the responses. You can then be assured that you will receive an excellent score on your TEAS exam. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and ace the exam.